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At BARCO Lab we believe that one of the greatest challenges of today is biodiversity and ecosystem conservation, and we are increasingly interested in providing fundamental ecological insights while producing policy-relevant science.


Although research and conservation efforts are extensive, often a gap exists between research outputs and actionable conservation measures. We seek to build alliances with managers and conservation organisations to bridge this gap and ensure our research has a direct impact on reef health while learning management needs at our study sites.


To date we have built a COLLABORATION network with Mexican and international organisations.

Science  for  a  better  world


Greenpeace scientific expedition

In December 2016 we joined a Greenpeace expedition in the iconic Rainbow Warrior to asses the conservation status of some of the most unexplored reefs in Mexican waters. Click here for more information

2015 Report Card for the Mesoamerican Reef

Mexican Caribbean in 'La Jornada'

Engaging with local communities and future reef scientists

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