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Eduardo Navarro-Espinoza
Undergrad Student

I am a placement student at BARCO LAB with particular interest in local anthropogenic impacts on coral reefs, specifically nutrient loading related to coastal development and its effect on coral disease prevalence


Coral reefs are extremely complex and fragile ecosystems, and continuing human population growth and eutrophication of coastal waters has led to corals being in a state of constant stress, and consequently more vulnerable to diseases. My research focuses on evaluating the incidence of White Pox and White Band diseases in Acropora palmata and analysing its relation to coastal development and sources of eutrophication in the National Park Reefs of Puerto Morelos (PNAMP)



Coral diseases, costal development, eutrophication, Acropora palmata, coral reef ecology, habitat quality, Caribbean reefs.



BSc Biology, Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla (Buap), México.


Download my thesis here


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